A New Vision for Juvenile Court

Turning Around Young Lives at Risk

Just as the Veterans Treatment Court demonstrated that the court system can be helpful and positive under the worst circumstances, Judge Melissa Powers believes that Juvenile Court can be a last refuge of hope for young people who are at the tipping point of entering a life of crime.

No one wakes up and decides to be a bad person or that they are going to begin committing crimes.  Juveniles who enter the court system are the products of their environment over time.

There is no overnight fix to treat young people in the juvenile court system. Sitting in a detention center for a few months will not suddenly transform a delinquent child into positive force in our community.

Just as Judge Powers helped to turn around the lives of veterans through a treatment program that includes a graduation, she believes that juveniles can benefit from a similar program.

Families often do not know where to turn to find help for their children. Judge Powers will empower families to actively participate in the rehabilitation of juveniles. This will help families and build a stronger community.

As a former Prosecutor, Judge Powers knows that not all criminals can be reached. However, the results in the Veterans Treatment Court have been so successful in reducing repeat offenders that even a small percentage of success in Juvenile Court will have a profound impact on families and neighborhoods.